• Place an adjustable checking pushrod into the lifter and install one intake and one exhaust rocker arm assembly.
  • Be sure the cam is rotated to the base circle. 
  • Seat the bottom of the adjuster screw into the recess machined in the rocker arm and turn the adjuster screw clockwise 1 to 1-1/2 turns down.  This is the initial and optimum adjuster position. Each full turn of the adjuster is approximately .040"
  • Insert a feeler gauge on the valve side of the rocker arm to set your desired lash.
  • Use the adjustment on the pushrod to determine the correct pushrod length.  If your adjustment requires less than 1 full turn or more than 2 turns you with pushrods you have, you will need a different pushrod length to achieve the correct adjustment.  Adjusting outside of this 1 to 1-1/2 turn range will cause incorrect geometry and may also damage your rockers.
  • Repeat for the other rocker.

Shaft rocker adjustment


Shaft rocker Adjustment